In Case Your Escape Artist Ignores Your State’s “Stay-at-Home” Orders

April 14, 2020
Social Distancing Support

Even as we limit our person-to-person interactions, we know that our pets will be pets. So just in case your Escape Artist ignores your state’s “stay-at-home” orders, here are a few good reminders on how to use the Real-Time GPS Tracking feature with your Whistle GO or Whistle GO Explore tracker. We’ve also included a few good tips for power users.

1. Choose how you get notified. 

If your pup leaves a designated Safe Place, you will get notified by email, text, or via an in-app notification. This notification includes the approximate address where your pup is.

INSIDER TIP: You can change your notification type any time from the Whistle app. This article shows you how.

2. Know what to expect when you turn on Real-Time Tracking.

If you get an escape notification, here’s how to use the feature:

  • Tap the blue “Track” button to turn on Live Tracking
  • If it is red and shows ‘Stop’ you are in Live Tracking mode
  • Once you find your pup, turn Real-Time Tracking off to save battery life. The Whistle app will automatically turn Real-Time Tracking off once your pet returns to a designated Safe Place. 

Note:  If your pet is in a designated Safe Place within Wi-Fi range, Real-Time Tracking will not be available.

Real-Time Tracking uses AT&T nationwide network and Google Maps to provide live updates of your pet's location every 15 seconds, on average.

The initial location takes about 15–20 seconds and will be faster after the first reading.


3. Get alerted more frequently by changing your GPS refresh rate. 

The default Real-Time Tracking setting works like this: When your pup is within range of your Wi-Fi network, your Whistle GO tracker confirms their location every 3 minutes. As soon as your dog travels outside of your Wi-Fi zone, your Whistle subscription automatically uses GPS tracking to verify if they are still within one of your designated Safe Places.  If your pet is in fact within a Safe Place, your Whistle tracker then checks location every 6 minutes. 

INSIDER TIP: To be more vigilant during this unusual time, open your Whistle app and update the GPS refresh rate to ‘Every 3 minutes.’  Here are the step-by-step instructions